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Large Incinerators
Direct Combustion type


- Incineration plant system of our company, incineration plant, was designed and made to incinerate a large amount of industrial wastes generated during the production process.
- it is the plant made according to the optimal design on the basis of technology accumulated for the appropriate incineration of all combustible wastes which can be incinerated.
- Since it recovers the waste heat generated during the incineration, it makes a great Contribution to the reduction of energy consumption
- It was made by utilizing characteristics of various excellent incinerators, and the second or third pollution prevention facility is perfectly applied in accordance with the condition of installation.
- Types of the final disposal of waste gas are various: wet type and dry type. And excellent dust collecting system adopted.
- Since a incineration plan is the result of accumulation of optimal design and technology of production and construction, its excellence is verified by trust and technology.
Batch Charging Dry-Distillation type


- It is designed Batch type or batch charging of wastes at one time and automatic ash discharging.
- Stable combustion is obtainable because the combustion gas is fed at a proper position.
- Operators are not required except during waste charging, so you can save the labor expense.
- Most industrial(every day) wastes such as dumped synt-hetic plastic, rubber, fabric, leather, lumber, paper, medical rubbish are incinerated effectively in dry, therefore the condition of combustion is very stable.
- Because first combustor and secondary combustor are separated, exact air control and temperature


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